VFS is a full-service provider of turnkey display systems that employs only experts in their fields on a freelance basis to suit the unique needs of each of our clients.  With decades combined experience in broadcast set design, corporate projects, museum installations, film festivals, fashion and branding events, etc., we help conceptualize and keep costs low through efficient planning and close relationships with our partners on the manufacturing side.  

Our modus operandi is to construct unique, customized and affordable solutions for our customers' audiovisual needs at an often small fraction of the price that any of our business competitors, small or large, local or not, could ever attempt to offer.  This is achieved through special calculations designed to lower all overhead * employ the top experts in their fields on a freelance basis, keeping our teams small and coordinated, and by always staying steps ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding and entrenching ourselves within the hotspots of the technology sector.  

Our company is known for it's streamlined designs, safe and clean installations, and around-the-clock tech support for on-site emergencies.  We look forward to helping make your next project come to life and leave a continual impression, helping you captivate your customers, your staff, and your viewers.

Click the image below for pictures of some of VFS's past projects. These include projection, video walls, etc.

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