Videofilm Systems was born as a TV Studio and a AV equipment rental business.  Dale Cihi, it's founder, started out is life as a curious and gifted whizkid of all things mechanical and visual, and pursued his love of videography and film until he eventually focused his efforts into forming a full-service Television and sound studio in Norwalk, CT.

After working on the forefront of camera technology, both on the original IMAX films and on a project to build camera housings for the oceans' most advanced deep-sea submersibles, he saw the world around him as a one that would someday have screens everywhere.

With use of new projection screen materials and DLP projector technology, he helped pioneer the trend of using 'floating images,' or semi-translucent screens that appeared to hover in mid-air on his projects, as well as warping projection images to cast light into odd spaces and shapes, whether it be to create a semi-cylindrical 3D military simulator, or the to project images on the sides of giant video 'cubes,' as he did for the Chanel exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Marie Maillard.  His knowledge and acumen for technilogical trends and his unshakeable work ethic put VFS on the forefront of newsrooms, talkshows, music performances, museum, and retail installations, eventually leading to the wide range of technologies and services our company offers today.  


Justin Cihi, Dale's son, worked very closely with his father and has become a color correction veteran and projection mapping specialist having already had over a decade of experience in video production, visual art and design. After five years building and designing projection systems and helping construct, program, and service monitor walls for broadcast television studios, he now leads VFS in an effort to take on new and exciting projects and to combine the television studios of the 21st century with the latest fusion of products to create the most breathtaking, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and highest-warrantied LED-based video surfaces that will finally allow for designers, set fabricators, and our valued broadcast clients to elevate the look of their studios in a way that has never been before been possible and to capture the attention of the  millions of viewers watch each day camanagement,