Please enjoy the above video featuring the highlights of VFS's collaboration at this year's trade show: NAB 2016, where Absen America's sprawling booth and melange of cutting-edge LED display products featured a unique addition: an interactive 'Broadcast Simulation,' complete with 2 studio-quality cameras & a 4k viewing monitor to view live camera shots of the impressive wall of A1.9mm panels on display in their booth.  

VFS and Absen America worked together this year to provide industry professionals with a truly interactive and authentic viewing experience for its visitors.  This product was showcased at NAB after the installation of a 1.9mm pixel-pitch LED wall on the set of "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee," where it has been performing extremely well on camera without Moire (even at close distances) due to its high-refresh rate and a reliable auto-calibration technology ensuring perfect color and brightness matching.  

In the words of Video Engineer extraordinaire, August Yuson, known for his work on HBO's Last Week Tonight & TBS's Full Frontal w/Samantha Bee:

"It looks so good, I just can't stop staring at it..."



"Absen Makes History at NAB 2016" 

Please feel free to review the links included below as well to learn more about the 'Absen Advantage' and review the manufacturer's own highlights 2016 highlights, including an award for their N2 series at the 2016 InAVation awards for 'Best large screen display product,' where they competed against many of the top brands on the market. 

"Absen Wins at InAVation Awards"

As a third-party & a systems integration firm specializing in maintaining VFS continues to remain vigilant & follow a strict mandate to provide only unbiased information about the products we represent.  Because VFS is now including LED sales & installations to our list of services, I would like to point out that we demand that any high-profile or demanding project environment should be backed only by extensive research, demo installations, camera testing both in and outside of broadcast studios, and lastly, accurate fact-finding about the Chinese LED manufacturing market and its players to determine the quality of their products and business practices.  Certain companies use the fancy-sounding gimmicks, over-aggressive salesmanship, as well as cursory demos and product demonstrations that don't tell the "full story" and certainly don't confirm that the product is built to last.  Absen has provided VFS with the tools and demo materials necessary to break this mold completely, & I've been impressed on every front with their knowledge and willingness towards our mutual goals, which dare I say we ALL want from our technology providers: continuous improvement, re-innovation of their products, unbeatable prices for top-tier products, and above all, the knowledge that you're dealign with honest businessmen who can deliver on their promises.